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“We don’t just offer advice; we’re more like companions on your bed & breakfast adventure toward success. It’s all about working together for us. Whether it’s the materials we produce or how we connect, we’re all in. We’re not just here to guide you; we’re here to support you, share our knowledge, and cheer you on at every turn.”

Gerry MacPherson

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Why Choose Us

My story begins in the early ’90s, within the walls of a small hotel where I first tasted the bittersweet complexities of the hospitality industry. It wasn’t all smooth sailing, especially where guidance was scarce. So, what did I do? They set off on an adventure, travelling far and wide, as a tour operator, from the hustle and bustle of big cities to the calm of hidden getaways, all the time uncovering what makes a property truly shine. This journey wasn’t just about racking up miles—it was about building a dream. A dream to take those hard-won lessons and light the way for bed and breakfast owners like you, helping you find your own path to success.

Dreaming of Bed & Breakfast Success?

Ever daydream about your Bed & Breakfast being the buzz of the town? Where guests can’t stop gushing about the unforgettable breakfasts, cozy vibes, and special touches that make your place a cut above the rest? If that’s the dream you’re after, then you’re in the right spot. Say hello to “Inn-side Track: Mastering Your B&B Business”.

Across 11 jam-packed modules and 49 lessons, we’ve got everything you need. Whether you’re a fan of videos, love to listen on the go, or dig deep into PDFs, we’ve got it all covered. Think of it as your B&B success toolkit, whatever stage you’re at.

Inn-side Track: Mastering Your B&B Business Course
Inn-side Track: Mastering Your B&B Business Course

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Knowledge Is Gold…

Imagine keeping your bed & breakfast one step ahead in this competitive hustle. Tough, right? But that’s exactly what training is for. It’s not about boring lectures or pointless exercises. It’s about diving into what’s new and hot in hospitality, tweaking how you run things for the better, and upgrading your guest-welcoming game. Think of training as more than just learning—it’s your playbook for turning challenges into your B&B’s success stories.

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Bed & Breakfast Insights At Your Fingertips

Get instant access to a wealth of knowledge with our free hospitality property resources. From in-depth articles to engaging video content, we cover everything from guest satisfaction to revenue management. Ideal for bed & breakfast owners seeking to gain an edge in the competitive B&B market.

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